A Truce

November 16, 2017

November 16, 2017

Today we were able to come to a mutual understanding of what we are and what we are going to do going forward. I can't help but to think of having a future with you , but I am at peace with the understanding that we were able to agree upon; friendship. I am satisfied with the decision because we have been doing this comfortably the last year. I value you as a man and as a friend so I am going to value our friendship as well. There have been times of turmoil throughout our dealings with one another, but overall, I am grateful and very appreciative to have you in my life...still. I want us to get back to the laughter and the ability to agree to disagree (when need be), like old times, but wayyyy better. I would be a fool to say I am not anxious for what the future holds for us, but I am completely blessed for the time(s) we do have both present and past. I can't promise you that I am not going to have a breakdown in the future but I can promise that I am going to be mindful of our friendship and respectful of the boundaries I have crossed in the past, and hopefully not cross them again. At times I have gone far beyond the lines of friendship and belittled you, treated you as less than a man, and verbally lashed out towards you using obscenities that cross the borderline of evil.

Expressing ourselves as responsible adults today, reminded me of one of the reasons I like being in your company so much. It reminded me that we are capable of having more than friendly emotions for one another but containing them so that there is no pressure of being in a relationship that we are not yet ready for. Being able to open up to you and articulate my concerns and dislikes of your actions without feeling condemned for my feelings, was a pleasant relief. I am looking forward to the growth I know I will see in our future, and all the fun there is to come.

'Toast to our friendship'


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