Gotcha Day

Thursday, March 29, 2018

The moment when you hold your child for the first time or look deep into their eyes and feel nothing but pure peace, joy and happiness, is the moment your life changes for forever. 

Parenthood is the most rewarding adventure in this world. It offers so much satisfaction and brings about so many emotions. In an instant a mom can go from smiling and laughing to tearing up as she watches her daughter on stage performing a ballet routine or her son standing on home plate ready for his first t-ball game. The many wonders of motherhood are in abundance and never-ending. 

While these moments are so heartwarming and fulfilling, it is not an experience every woman gets to take part in from the womb. Yes, I know that you do not have to be blood related to be an amazing parent, but for some, it is a dream they have dreamt that may never come true. Numerous doctor visits, multiiple treatments, long days and even longer nights praying for a miracle child to begin growing in their womb are the stories of so many women in this life. Despite the disappointment and heart break, they do not let go of their desire to become parents so they seek out adoption. These women that seek to adopt are some of the most caring, selfless individuals and have chosen to give children the opportunity to be raised in a loving healthy environment that they otherwise may never have been given. They take a chance on these children whom they do not know; they offer their love, their home  and their family to these little ones; often unknowing of their background or the situations in which they come from. If it weren't for a selfless woman like my mom (and my dad), I may have a different story to tell you; but because they did come into my life I am honored to share my story with you.

On Good Friday- Friday, April 20, 1984, I was blessed to become an official member of a good wholesome, loving family. On this day my parents brought me home and began their new life with their 6 month old, sweet as pie baby girl. This day was later nicknamed my 'Gotcha Day'. 

Being adopted into a family that from day one accepts you as their own is more than a notion; it is truly a blessing from above. It is God's way of protecting you and loving you in ways beyond what you can even imagine. Although I may not have understood why I was to become a part of a new family as a child, I quickly learned that God makes no mistakes in his planning. It was in his plan all along to guide me into the arms of this family-my family to be raised in, nurtured, molded and loved. Now, please don't mistake my gratefulness for a life lived with no regrets, mistakes or hardships. My life was not perfection but it was not a nightmare either. I was raised to be a respectful, kind, conscientious young lady. I was taught to say yes ma'am and no ma'am, encouraged to do well in school and to go on to college and on to a good career. My parents instilled good valuable ethics and morals in me and taught me the importance of telling the truth, believing in yourself and being supportive of your family. As I grew older, I was taught how to take care of business, manage my money (I am just now getting the hang of this lesson lol), and how to be a good mom and wife (these things I subconsciously found out that I learned later in life) and a good person overall.

Though my family and I have not always seen eye to eye, I can honestly say none of them have ever turned their backs on me or treated me as if I were less family because I was not blood related. In my adulthood I was able to locate my birth family and not everyone was as warm and welcoming as I had pictured them in my imagination. I quickly learned the lesson that 'blood is thicker than water' is not at all meaningful or true, because my adopted family treated me far better than some of my biological family did that I have met thus far.

Life with me as a daughter has not been easy. There have been times of true struggle as I have been in search of who I am my entire life. I have given my parents hell, spent tons of their money and given them plenty of heartaches. But at the end of each day, I know they love me and I wouldn't trade any feeling in the world for knowing that despite my shortcomings, they still CHOOSE to love me as their own. 

Mom and dad, I love you  and I am so happy that you chose me that day back in 1984. You said you took one look at me and knew I was the one. Most women do not choose who they are to mother to, they are chosen for them in the womb. But I feel you were chosen too, to be my parents. God led you to me and you fell in love at first sight (at least I hope you did) with a nappy headed lil bright skin girl named Patrice Lacole. That day you laid eyes on me changed all of our lives and is still changing as we grow older together. 

"Nothing is as powerful as a mothers love, nothing as healing as a child's soul"

Thank you for being patient with me as I tend to be a 'late bloomer' with learning the tough lessons in life. I appreciate the time you have taken out with me to teach me, nurture me, and to give me tough love when I needed it most. There were times when I thought we wouldn't make it through together but here we are on the other side, sailing smoothly and enjoying everyday that God gives us together. A special thanks to my aunts and uncles on both mom and dads side as well, for the instrumental parts you played in my upbringing. It takes a village to raise a child. Each and every one of you holds a  very very special place I'm my heart and in my life and I am so blessed to have you all and I hope that you are glad to have me as well... but even if you aren't I "GOTCHA" anyway. 

Thank you for making my Gotcha Day meaningful every single year!
Love you all


  1. 😍Love you girl! ~Krista

  2. So glad we gotcha in our lives! 😘

  3. Beautiful expression of your appreciation!! Thank you for sharing part of your life story with us. Love you lots!!

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  6. Aweee this is so sweet, Happy Gotcha Day! -Chelsea :)


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