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I am just a young, thirty-something, introverted, single mom learning to love who she is, was, and is becoming. Over the last 5 years, I have found it difficult to accept who I see starring back at me when I look into the mirror. I am an emotional, self- sabotaging young woman with many layers. Layers I am trying to peal back to reveal the true gem that I am. The gem I have always been but was unable to recognize because of my many layers.

I grew up part in the suburbs and part in the country of sweet home Alabama. I grew up in a loving 2-parent home and an active supportive extended family, but I often still felt alone and unloved. I have struggled forming and maintaining relationships of all kinds. I also have difficulty accepting and living myself. I am a bit sensitive and battle with listening to my heart or my mind when it comes to making decisions; especially decisions involving friendship and love. I am an open book and far too often have been taken advantage of. I am kind and sometimes to trusting and naive.

After high school, I attended Troy University in Troy, Alabama, where I graduated from, with a B.S. in Sports and Fitness Management in 2006. I returned to Troy one year later to receive a M.S. in Athletic Administration, which I completed in 2009. After graduation and struggling to find employment, at the age of 25, I moved to Denver, Colorado where I lived for 2.5 years.

 As I am on the journey of pealing back the layers, I will assess and reassess my past so I can live a better present and prepare for an even brighter future. Travel along with me as I reveal the deepest parts of me. My blog is a peak into my world as I see it and how I feel others see me. It is a reflection of my daily struggles, short-comings, fears and successes as a woman, friend, sister, mother and daughter. My blog, Boring Black Girl, tells the stories of my life through my personal experiences with relationships from my past and present day life. Becoming a mother has changed me in way unimaginable. I can never thank God enough for placing her into my life. She challenges me, tests my limits, loves me and adores me, as I do her. At times, she was my only reason for living. I may be a boring, doesn’t go out to the club, hangs all night with ‘the crew’ anymore mom, but I am totally satisfied with being a mom and all of the duties that come along with it.

Discovering who I am and digging deeper into some of the reasons for my hurt and pain is helping me heal the wounds I covered up and pretended weren’t there. Learning how to love and how to be loved are major goals on my to-do-list as I heal my soul. I hope that my blog has the ability to touch lives and allow other young women to not be ashamed of their past or their present lives, to share their stories and experiences, to become the women they desire to be, and to not let anyone stand in their way of success-including themselves. I have experienced one of God’s greatest gifts in life, motherhood, but I feel I have yet to reach the peak of my true happiness. I am on this journey to overcome depression, accept my mental illness diagnosis, understand that it is okay to fall short as long as I get back up and keep trying, know that I am not perfect and wasn’t created to be so, and to learn to forgive myself for not being all that I am not. There are so many things I am not proud of, but there is so much more to be grateful for.

1 Corinthians 13:4-8 NIV

~All my love

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