Chocolate Rush

Sunday, April 15, 2018
On this day you were born, a day in the spring
If only I had vocals, to you I would sing
Instead ill write; jot down a few little things
This ride were on is like no other,

I found you again, so it must be true
The one who holds my heart, the one with whom I grew
A better woman - you've changed me, Made me better thru and thru
A love so special that only God knew
One day would meet again and become more than just friends
Timing wasn't perfect for me or for you
but that didn't stop my dreams from coming true

I look left, I look right- all I see is you in my sight
Trying to hide my feelings but I'm losing that fight
Mind racing, heart pacing, my footsteps Im retracing
Remembering past times, the good and the bad
Some make me feel good, others make me sad
Despite it all, still give you my all
NO matter if you stand tall or take a hard fall
Ill be there to support, uplift and encourage
Don't worry Ill be here if you ever get discouraged

Single bachelor, you stay on the prowl
afraid to say I do and walk down the isle
You've lost trust and have little faith
the women you've dated, they've crossed you and betrayed
back on the right path then you went astray
when you dated a girl ten years your gray
It broke me heart I wanted to die
How could she creep in and steel you from my side

When I came to my senses and opened my eyes
I realized it was all my fault; me and crazy stupid lies
Who wants to be with someone who whines and cries
Just wants attention and that you despise
As time moved on I grew and I grew
My Does of Khandi helped thru
I leaned how to cope, spread joy and hope

Now I have the skills to be your best friend
Were on the right path, lets start a new trend
One with me you can always depend

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