The Dating Pool

Thursday, October 12, 2017

 Let’s talk dating! How many of you single women still get asked on dates? How many of you get asked ‘can we Netflix and chill’? Are you ever respectfully approached by a man? For me, the moments of genuine interest and being asked on a real date are like finding a needle in a haystack; few and far between. Dating at 30 something should be pretty easy right? One would think women in this age group had a pretty good pool of men to choose from. In my area, I don’t know about yours, this is far from the truth. Where are the men who are ready for a commitment, loyalty and love? Have black men and black women lost sense of our foundation and what the relationships of our parents and grandparents were built upon? Are we too caught up in ourselves or with Mr./Mrs. Wrong, to see the possibilities of sharing our worlds with the person who compliments our character? Do we as black women think all the good men locked up or dead? Do you as black men think all women gold diggers and sluts? What has caused our dating pool of good candidates to become so limited, where have all the ‘good men gone’ specifically the one in my own back yard.

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