'We' Can't Breathe

Thursday, May 28, 2020

We can't breathe with your guns in our faces
We can't breathe with your knees on our necks
We can't breathe when we are pulled over for fitting a description
We can't breathe when our backs are towards the walls
We can't breathe with our hands bound behind our backs
We can't breathe behind the bars of the jail house, caged up like animals
We can't breathe while walking down the street
We can't breathe while becoming entrepreneurs trying to feed our families
We can't breathe when our sons, brothers, husbands, friends; OUR KINGS, don't come home at night

Our Kings are being murdered by the very people who have taken an oath to 'protect and serve'
Our Kings are being taken away from their families and their friends
Our Kings are afraid to move, afraid to speak, afraid to stand up; afraid of you

Our Kings mean everything to us
Our Kings are our providers
Our Kings are our protectors
Our Kings show us love and support
Our Kings raise our Prince's to become Kings
Our Kings are our world and you are destroying it each time you take one of their lives

Every day one of our Kings is murdered, hundreds of lives are ruined, thousands of souls are destroyed, and the brightly shining flame of hope we have diminishes

We need our Kings, without our Kings, We can't be Queens
We deserve to have our Kings in our homes and in our lives
You have no right to take our Kings, to destroy lives and break apart families

We stand up to protect our rights and another Kings is slain
We protest the mistreatment of our Kings and we are arrested
We fight these injustices at each level of the hierarchy to no avail
We stand down and we stand still; STILL, nothing changes

Every day and every night I pray for my Kings.
I pray that my King to be (wherever he may be) will always be protected and come home to us every night
I pray that if I should ever be blessed with a Lil' Prince, he will been given the opportunity to become a King someday, and not murdered for 'obeying what you say'
My brothers, my friends, my father, my uncles, and Kings I have never met; May God be with you each and every day in every way.

We can't breathe because we are being murdered and no one is looking, no one is taking responsibility, no one is being held accountable.

When our Kings can't breathe, neither can we!

                                            WE LOVE OUR KINGS! LET THEM LIVE


*Dedicated to ALL the Kings in my life old and new * 
Dad, my Brothers, my Denver boys, BB & Rush

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