Age Ain't Nothing But A Number

Monday, August 10, 2020

According to your age, are you where you feel you should be?

According to your age, have you accomplished everything you set out to accomplish by that predetermined age?

According to your age, are you as emotionally mature as the days you are old?

When we are younger, we all dream of what our lives will be like as we age. We all make mental notes on where will will live, how many kids we will have, visions of that tall, dark, handsome husband tearing up as we walk down the aisle to what we dreamt would be our very own storybook fairytale. 

Most all of us soon realize that this is far from how our lives wind up playing out, outside of the imaginary visions we engraved for ourselves that have been on repeat for decades in our heads. Don't get me wrong, having an imagination, setting goals, and chasing your dreams are all parts of life we all need to experience. Just remember that you don't always have control of when those dreams and aspirations will come to fruition.  

When we envision our lives and set a concrete age to attach to where we want to be - being married by 23, or starting a business by 35, or to even believe we will have left all of our immature ways behind or make fewer bad decisions/mistakes (or maybe even none at all) in the past by the time we hit 'The Dirty Thirty', we are setting ourselves up to break ourselves down.  

I know first-handed how detrimental attaching age to life can be. Learn from me and others around you, so that this can be one less mistake you make. 

Our world has changed. People are getting married much older. Women are postponing or choosing not to have children at all in order to pursue their business/career goals. Police brutality is on the rise and being filmed to shed more light and make change. The Baby Boomers are taking their last breaths, and GenZ.... well lets just leave that one right there.

So tell me, why with all of this going on in the world today are we not cherishing each and every moment we breathe instead of putting so much pressure on ourselves because we feel we missed the 'age' mark. Maybe that man you have been praying for God hasn't sent to your doorstep yet because he wants something different for you. Someone different than you have experienced. At a time when he wants you to have it-not at the time you circled on a calendar back in 2003 when you were a Sophomore in college. Maybe you didn't get that Collegiate Compliance Director position because God has made plans for you to focus on your craft and your talents so that you can work for yourself one day. And maybe, just maybe, you set all the perimeters based upon age for so long that it got you here to where you are today-sharing your experiences with others so they know it okay to dream, work towards your goals and NOT assign an age number to all things in life. Work hard and stay focused and driven. That is what matters most, not how old you are when you do!

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