20+ Holiday Movies that are a must Watch with the Kids

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Need a fun game to play with the kiddos for the holiday season during the holiday season to get you through Covid? 

Let's make new memories by spreading more laughs, more smiles, more love, and more cheer to get us through the end of this year and into a new (2021). 

1. Gather the family together....

2. Grab a pen and paper and let the kids jot down these movie titles (and any other of your favorite holiday movies you as the parents may want to add)  It can also assist the (smaller kids) kids with spelling/vocabulary/hand writing! Practice practice practice

3. Cut the list of movie titles out and fold them up

4. Dump all of the movie titles into a jar/basket what-have-you

5. Select a movie night(s)

6. On movie night take turns selecting a movie from the jar to watch for the night

7. Laugh and enjoy your time with one another making new memories

8. Add this game to your family traditions

9. Ohhhhh and add some of your favorite snacks to the mix as well.... 

10. Spread the love

Below is a list of movies I compiled for you with Black leads. Enjoy these and add others in as well. 

Home Alone (all)

Jingle Jangle (new family classic for us)

Christmas Chronicles (1 & 2-too too cute)

Arthur Christmas

The Grinch (all)

Polar Express

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation


Mr. Magoo Christmas

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer (1964)

The Santa Clause

Nightmare Before Christmas

A Christmas Carol (all)


Annabelle's With 

Flinstones Chrismas 

The Star


Get Santa

Shrek the Halls

Alone for Christmas

Elliot The Littlest Reindeer

12 Dogs of Christmas

Santa's Apprentice


Barbie and the Nutcracker 

Saving Santa

Frozen (both)

Operation Christmas List

A Nanny for Christmas

Christmas Breaking (good oneAngela's Christmas

Christmas Dragon 

Nutcracker (all)

Snow Globe

Jingle All the Way

Ernest Saves Christmas

Last Christmas

Santa Hunters


The Christmas Project 

The Year with Santa Clause

Charlie Brown Christmas

Princess Switch

Abominable Christmas


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