Auntie's Little Bean

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Words cannot explain the excitement I feel or the love I have waiting for you. Your world is going to be filled with lots of hugs, tons of kisses, and an immeasurable amount of cuddles. 

The day your mom told me about your upcoming arrival, I wanted to jump for joy and cry happy tears but she stopped me and said, "Summer don't you dare, if you cry, Ima cry", so I held back my happy tears....for now. It will be years to come before you're able to read this to understand, and by then you'll already know all of what I am about to tell you about your mom. 

I met your mom over a decade ago on social media when I saw her posting about Zumba classes and her workout journey. We quickly built a friendship, a friendship that I at the time didn't know I needed. Your mom has a kindness I haven't ever experienced before from another individual. Her joyful spirit will fill a room and that will make everyone in sight her smile. 

She is not one to reach out everyday, but she is most definitely that friend who will be there for you in any time of need. Your mom was very inspirational in my own personal healing... she may not even know it, but she was. Her heart is pure gold, extremely supportive, and she is silly as hell. 

I have been secretly waiting for her to find love. Find someone just for her. To be able to love like she's never loved or been loved before. I want her to have what she prayed for me to have and have finally found. I am thrilled that my dream has finally come true. She can be a bit picky and particular, but it's because she wants to get it right. She wants all of her love to go to the right person, one most deserving of all of her goodness....... and I know she has found the right one this time because she has you! 

 Your mom is a Child of God with gifts she doesn't even know she possesses. She can light up any room, humorously break any ice, and peacefully cut any tension in an environment. She will share her honest opinions, but is always nonjudgmental, and will support you no matter what you decide. She loves to entertain and host close friends gatherings. Her kickbacks are always a time to remember. I so think she's secretary an undercover matchmaker! 

Her laugh is electrifying and infectious. Her laugh and her spirit remind me a lot of my grandmother. Never meets a stranger, always has a smile on her face, kind to everyone she knows and ready to have a good time. I haven't ever met a single person that has said an ill word about either of the two. Always down for a good meal (my grandmomma to cook one and your mom to go get one with me). Never takes any shit from a man, hell she will leave them right where they stand haha...... Your mom is a big ball of love exploding contagious energy and joy, spreading it to everyone she meets everyday! You won't find a single person that dislikes her... because it's impossible to do so!

Your mom is.......

Strong, sweet, silly, sympathetic

Thoughtful, trustworthy, team-player, top notch

Adventurous, athletic, amazing, ambitious

Caring, classy, cheerful, confident

Incomparable, incredible, inspiring, irreplaceable 

In other words, your mom is nothing short of amazing. She is one of the nicest people I know. Hell she's one of the nicest people anyone knows! She is so kind and caring,  funny and outgoing, she would give her last for those she loves and a stranger in need too. But a word of advice, don't try her! She is sweet and fun and will do anything for you, but she won't let anyone walk over her. She is a tough cookie, and although anyone who knows her is truly blessed, you have to be special to be in her inner circle. 

So remember, you have the best of it all in her. She is going to love you till the wheels fall all and I am so blessed to be your auntie and here to witness it all. It's a lot of love brewing in her belly and out here in this big world for you! Jay Boogie is ready too (her just distant know it yet, he's still a tiny one himself). He wants a best friend to grow up with. I pray you two can develop a friendship like your mom and I have. She's more than JUST a friend, she's one of the best! Get ready to be loved on and spoiled. 

Take care 'on the inside while you do your 9 month bid', we are all waiting to meet you little girl or little dude. 


Your soon to be favorite Auntie Summer

I love you little bean 🫘

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