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Monday, April 22, 2019

On my journey to become a better version of myself, I have been searching and searching for what I feel is missing. On yesterday I attended Easter Sunday church service and was completely moved by the angelic voices of the devotional team, heartfelt utterings from the pastor and most importantly, I was undoubtedly touched by the spirit. As I sat on the pew on the church, I felt this powerful yet gentle wave of wind flow all around and and thru me. The aurora of God had fulfilled me. As I began to pray, the words flowed from my tongue like they have never done before.

"God take away my hurt, my, pain, and the regrets I have from the mistakes I have made. Take away my feelings of worthlessness and failure. Make me whole, give me peace, give me freedom. Show me how to love and be loved".

 I am truly grateful for life, the unforgettable moments that brought me joy, and the life challenging (didn't think I would make it through) obstacles I have had to overcome thus far. Although I thank God for all that I have, all I have lost (that I was fortunate to have had), and all that is to come; I do not give him enough. praise.

God...I apologize for not praying to you as much as I should, but I want to thank you for keeping me still...

Freedom and peace are headed my way. I am ready to clean up what I messed up, start my life over again. I am ready to clear my phone of all remembrance of you. Stow away all trinkets and tokens that remind me of you. Destroy the thoughts, memories, and all actions that suggest negativity or bring back visions of the hurt and pain I have endured (brought on by myself and others).  The only thing that can stop me from achieving what God has planned for my life is me!

   What God has for me, it is FOR ME!

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