Friday Night Lights

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Last night has to be one of the best nights of my life. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall recording the conversation so I would always have it and never forget it. From bouncing movie/TV series back and forth, what we have seen or not seen to what we want one another to check out. To discussing some of the most tramautic experiences of my life, Black Lives Matter, the protests etc., to he and I and what went wrong, to me and my lack of confidence, to relationship discussions, and how men like to chase.....TO HUNT.

I had four separate dreams last night about us and the future we can never have, but I am grateful that we have been able to build a friendship, one we both believe will last a lifetime.

It was one of the most intimate nights I believe we have ever shared with one another. I may one day forget the words that were said, but I won't ever forget the impact the words have and the love we shared that night. I genuinely felt so connected to you in those hours that we spent together learning things about you and from you that I never knew. I think I shared some things you didn't know about me or maybe had forgotten. You didn't just hear me, you listened.  You listened to me so passionately and with great interest as you were finally beginning to know and understand me in a way you never have before.

I have always known you to be an amazing father, but listening to you tell me about your relationship with your son and the bonds you are both creating with one another blew me away. I am glad he is of an age where you all are able to share like never before. I love that you are cherishing these moments and making an everlasting impression on him, guiding him, speaking truth to him and that you too are learning from him.

At times throughout the night we were completely silent looking at one another. That may not mean much to you, but it meant everything to me. Sometimes silence and being in someones presence is all you need. Words don't have to be exchanged. But when we did speak, it was impactful, heartfelt and was authentic.

Again, I wish I could remember every word that was spoken to replay in my head word for word when I needed to hear those things again. I wish I could remember every sentence, every laugh, and all of your body language from last night for forever.  I know I wont remember all of  these things, but I will cherish and always remember the overall gist of each topic we discussed.

The night was magical. The night was bright. The night was what I needed. The words are what I need to hear on that Friday Night, full of your Light!

Thank you for filling my Friday Night with your bright Light!

"To know me, is to love me"

Friday, June 5th at 9:35PM

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