The Truth Is......

Monday, June 1, 2020

The truth is, I've been hurt, by more than a few
The truth is, I've been broken, driven to the brink of depression
The truth is, sometimes I lose my cool, because I'm not heard when I keep cool
The truth is, you don't know my story, so who are you to judge

The truth is, I am kind and sweet
The truth is, I'm caring and giving
The truth is, I will and have given my all
The truth is, I've been hurt so much in almost numb to the pain
The truth is, even though I say I'm through with love, there's still so much in me to give
The true is, no matter how much you hurt me, I will still give you love and respect

The truth is, you don't know me cause you haven't tried to
The truth is, I seek attention cause I want some of your time, and your affection
The truth is, I don't try to hurt you with my unconventional ways, I just want you to know I care
The truth is, I'm a sucker for love

The truth is, the more you try to break me down, the more resilient I become
The truth is, the less attention you give and the more you go ghost, the easier you make it for me to move on

The truth is, once I'm done, there's no coming back
The truth is, you're missing out on a great thing because you won't put forth real effort
The truth is, the social media world won't be there when you need someone by your side
The truth is, there's more to life than doing it for the 'Gram', Facebook likes or going viral
The truth is, despite my lack of understanding your desires of becoming a recognized presence on social media, I would still be there to support your hopes, your dreams, and your aspirations 100%
The truth is, it seems you're not ready to give or receive love
The truth is, when you get ready to settle down, will there be anyone on your level to settle down with
The truth is, until you learn to communicate instead of being silent, there will always be riff in your relationships
The truth is, silence speaks volumes, but so does good communication and understanding

The truth is, when I love, I love hard
The truth is, I am friendly and love to laugh
The truth is, I am loyal and I am true

The truth is, I'm not always right
The truth is, even at my age I still make mistakes
The truth is, I get back up and try it all over again
The truth is, my wrongs don't define me, they make me better as I learn from each of them

The truth is, when it's my time to be loved, by you or someone new it will be for me, because of who I am and all of the amazingness that lives inside of me
The truth is, the Man that learns to love me, his love will be intentional and pure.
The truth is, the Man that decides to love me, will love me beyond my flaws, his love for me will be true

The truth is, my actions may cause me to lose out on you, but I guarantee you're losing out on me too
The truth is, if you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best


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